Developer description

Media and communication, in all its guises is as much about a collective, connected experience as it is about the content. Imagine reading books, listening to music or watching movies without any connection to the outside world. We would end up in a bubble and will never know what others think about the same things we are consuming. Regardless of the medium, we want to feel connected to not only the art but also to the artist and art lovers. After all, the word communication comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’ which means ‘to share’. It is the collective experiences that make media a powerful tool for deliberation and change.

This is exactly what we want you to experience with us through Storiyoh- a social platform that connects people based on the podcasts they love and enjoy.

The app helps people discover new content based on what one’s friends are listening to. This changes the style of consuming podcasts from something that you’d do yourself, to one that you can do with your friends- making it a social experience.

Last updated 21 Feb 2019

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