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Many of us have heard the old notion that roughly every five seconds between the flash of ... More

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Published 18 Sep 2012

There are apparently some 25 million lightning strikes in the US every year with around 400 people struck by lightning strikes and many of them on the wide open fields of sporting events. The most dangerous place to be, of course, is on the golf course where golf addicts always seem to want to play one more hole before the weather really kicks in. Now, I was always told you count five seconds for every mile that the storm is away, after the  lightning strike and when the thunder sounds. Storm Distance Calculator works on this theory and, with a couple of clicks on your mobile, you'll know how far away the storm is and how long you have to complete your hole.
Storm Distance Calculator was created as a simple and interactive tool to act as a second brain when you decide to play that last hole on the golf course and your competitive juices have compromised your first one! The developers decided to take the five second rule mentioned earlier one step further. To use this cool little weather application for mobiles the user simply taps the lightning button when a flash of lightning occurs. When the ensuing thunder rumbles just tap the 'thunder'  button and Storm Distance Calculator tells you approximately how far the storm is so you can break out of that competitive trance and head for safety. Sometimes the passion to stick around for one more shot on the golf course, or...