Developer description

'Story Tracker' offers a simple, intuitive way to manage character and plot for fiction writers.
Writers can quickly customize and explore their characters' histories, motives, and relationships. Multiple plot lines can be traced to find inconsistencies. Story Tracker's goal is to provide writers with the tools necessary to prevent continuity and structural errors within their works. It can be difficult going through the paper trail to try and find that one particular note needed to continue writing. With Story Tracker, scattered notes get organized into a structured environment, allowing for more control and ease of development for characters and plots.
Story Tracker's flexible character development profiles allow you to completely customize your characters' identities and appearances.
Character Timelines allow character histories to be traced separately from the story plot line, to expose continuity errors or problems in character development.
Similar tools for writers are nearly all cluttered, difficult-to-use, confusing monstrosities that assume the writer is a novice and doesn't know how to write their story.
Story Tracker is simple, easy to understand, and intelligent - assisting writers when they want it, and staying out of their way when they don't. A reporter recently wrote that Story Tracker " ... will be a valuable asset to writers who want to properly organize their works as they create their world."
Users will be eligible for free lifetime access to Story Tracker by registering at and providing feedback before the beta phase ends.
Story Tracker was developed by Nicholas Pickering, a Computer Science student at the University of North Florida, as the flagship product for a planned suite of software applications for fiction writers.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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