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StoryPie is an info-app, featuring the latest news, current trends, and controversial stories. Enjoy a sleek user interface, bright and colourful graphics with thought provoking visuals, and page-turning stories to keep you occupied.

Important Features:

Daily News & Trending Stories: Get updated on current affairs and controversial headlines daily.

Riveting Graphics: Well crafted, detailed and bright visuals as well as thought provoking illustrations are a treat for the eyes, while being highly educational at the same time.

Categories: Explore your relevant interests from a wide selection of categories like Lifestyle, Technology, Films & Books, and many more.

Bookmark: Easily pin your story, to read it for later.

Author Profiles: Visit to your favorite authors, get updated on their freshly baked stories.

E-paper: Get the news in an article format.

Push Notification: Get notifications on the fly.

Invite Friends: Send invitations easily, let your friends enjoy the app with you.

Discover Niches: Educational description of various undercurrents.

Like The Pie: Like our stories, affectionately called Pies, and mark it as favourite.

Share Feature: Easily share stories with your friends through various platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Why is it different?
1. Simplistic design for easy usage
2. Friendly and accessible UI
3. Push notifications for a well-integrated experience
4. Get the latest news and trending updates
5. Customization and agency to craft your own personal experience

Free App: StoryPie is available for FREE on both Android and iOS platforms.

Enjoy various educational and informational articles in leisure, and on your own time. Keep up to date with a dose of wholesome knowledge about the world you live in.

Last updated 13 Aug 2019

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