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Developer description

It's simple, but is various customizable calendars.
It can exchange schedules.
Display of holiday of the United States, Japan.
(Sequentially, I will continue to add the corresponding country / region.)
Display of the lunisolar calendar and synodic month.
It can convert to the Jewish/Hijri calendar(Hebrew calendar and Islamic calendar).
In calendar weekly, monthly, it can specify top with all day of the week.
(Of course, starting from Monday, it can specify starting from Tuesday and starting from Saturday.)
Schedule management is possible only with a smartphone, and available offline.
It can exchange schedule in a group using the cloud and e-mail.
(Only supports Android currently.)
In the case of storing and exchange of the schedule, it can lock with a password(AES 128 bit).
It can register the schedule in various specification method.
("Every Tuesday, except holidays", "Second Tuesday".)
It can predict the cycle and manage performance.
(For example, prediction of 29.5 days cycle and registration of performance.)
The schedule can be displayed as a favorite image icon.
In the case of consecutive schedules, it isn't displayed one by one, It can display with a band in a lump.
In the case of schedule of the consecutive days
(such as 21:00 - 6:00 the next morning),
it can easily set up.
It can adjust the time difference of schedule by specified date and time.
(Automatic calculation by the time zone change ex) Tokyo 10:00 ⇒ New York 20:00(The day before))
Diary and Memo(Can be used as a ToDo) includes.
Alarm and snooze function includes.
(It can set the wake-up time in consideration of the day of the week and holidays.)

Last updated 28 Apr 2015

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