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Developer description for mobile is a simple geolocation based Twitter client. The primary focus of the app ... More

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Published 17 Apr 2012 is a localized geolocation app for Android, iPad and iPhone that attempts to take your Twitter account to a different level. It focuses tweets emanating from specific places the world over and delivers them complete with location map and, as an added bonus, you can even chat and video chat with your fellow tweeters. You can browse tweets from your local neighborhood or concentrate on a specific city or any countries around the world. for IOS and Android is a free and easy to use browser-based and geolocation based Twitter client. The primary focus of the app focuses on discovering tweets within the context of a particular location. You can browse your local neighborhood, your old hometown, the city where you work or a completely foreign area of the world. Just tap a user's avatar on the map and read their profile and previous tweets and then respond if you wish.  Your tweets are geo-tagged based on your current location. makes it super easy to find and view tweets from anywhere and anyone you might want. You’ll not only be able to easily find localized tweets but you’llbe able to view them streamed onto Google Maps while you use the full, built in Twitter client. You can even start a live video and chat stream with your new found buddies using a third party app called tokbox. It's kinda fun watching tweets come in from your area of choice as they ping onto the Google Maps interface right before your eyes.
I don't know if I'm in the minority here but, to me, Twitter needs something else to inspire me to use it more regularly. The thought of a stream of random ramblings coming at me from all directions fails to inspire me at the best of times but adds a new element to it by making it more social and more relevant, I guess. The interface is simple but fast and effective and the addition of the tokbox tool for live video chat turns it into a lot more fun and something a little different. I can even see as an interesting form of business app where you can target your product in a specific area and view tweets to see how the campaign has gone down...just an idea. But if you feel your tweetings need an extra element then you might find it here.

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