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Why didn't Netflix think of this 'coming soon' feature?

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StreamThing sends you an alert when movies and TV shows you love become available on Netflix ... More

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Published 24 Aug 2012

I always find it amusing when someone sees a hole in the market and comes up with an app for something we all know should have been included in the service in the first place. I guess Instagram is a classic example - if Facebook had its photo uploading shit together it wouldn't have to have forked out 100 million big ones for a simple photo app. StreamThing is the simplest idea for an app. It tells you when movies and tv shows that you want to see are due to be shown on Netflix instant streaming. Now why didn't someone at the US's biggest online movie channel think of that?
Its been suggested that Netflix turn itself into something like Spotify and open up its service to greater viewer involvement but the online movie giant seems quite happy with its place in the sun right now. It seems obvious to many online viewers that there are a number of improvements that could be utilized to make the viewing experience more pleasurable. Advance notice of upcoming tv shows and movies would definitely be right up there as most asked for. StreamThing steps in to that hole by sending  you an alert when movies and TV shows you love become available on Netflix instant streaming. So, rather than dredging through the thousands of show listings, by using StreamThing you can simply create your own personal wishlist and you will get a notification when you can watch and stream...