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StressPile is a iPhone App, A Basic Stress Journal to make it short. StressPile is an easy, fun ... More

Editor's review

Published 1 Nov 2011

I may be a little too cynical to provide an objective review of this application and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I don’t consider stress to be a serious issue because I do. What I am finding difficult is in trying to work out what angle it’s coming from. Is it trying to put some "fun" into stress, which is an oxymoron of gargantuan proportions, or is it to be taken as a serious aid to reducing the condition?

Let’s consider what it does and you can make your own mind up. Firstly it’s an iPhone and iPad app so don’t get too stressed if you don’t own either one of those pieces of kit. Once you sign up for an account you’ll see five pre-loaded categories representing those areas of life likely to hack you off at some point; car, home, people, school and work. You can add your own and each one can have sub-categories.

When something stressful happens to you just find the relevant category and enter the level of stress between zero and one hundred and then add some brief comments. You can also set "breaking points" which will tell you if you’re about to go over the edge but I have serious doubts as to whether anyone reaching that point would stop and enter the event into their phone.

The app does have useful notes on stress as a condition and some helpful tips on coping with it. It will also allow you to upload inspirational images or audio clips that you can turn to in times of need. As a reporting tool it can show you a number of charts and graphs detailing what’s been stressing you out over daily, weekly or monthly periods.

I suppose the success of this app will depend on cultural issues as much as anything else. I say that because in some countries of the world a weekly appointment with an analyst is as routine as filling the car up with gas. At least in these places you could save some dollars on analyst fees. Rather than spending half an hour recounting the stress points of your week you could just hand over your iPhone and get the appointment done in half the time.

I seriously hope that this app will help people who suffer badly from stress but I feel it might benefit if it had the ability to record moments of euphoria as well. At least then anyone looking back over a period could see that their life is not all bad.

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