Developer description

Strol is an innovative navigation app for desktop and mobile devices. It brings adventure to you, creating scenic walking routes that help you experience your surroundings no matter where you are. Strol uses crowdsourced input from millions of people to find the most scenic, interesting and picturesque walking routes and destinations in cities all over the world.

You can use Strol to find a route in two ways. Enter a destination to create a scenic route that’ll get you there, or enter a duration to create a Strol route of a specific length that will return you to your original starting point.

Unlike other sightseeing applications, which direct the user to pre-configured routes, Strol custom builds each route on demand based on the noteworthy destinations available in the traveler’s vicinity. While other apps rank landmarks based on a subjective “quality” rating, Strol’s rankings are based on the popular vote from our user base. Using Strol, you’ll discover landmarks based on what other travelers found interesting, not what a guidebook author dictated.

Strol is available for iPhone and Android via the Appstore and Google Play.

Last updated 27 Jul 2016

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