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Published 27 Jun 2020

I think we can agree that, given the pandemic mess that we've found ourselves in for the last few months, it's going to take a monumental effort to get our business communities back on track and thriving. Realistically, It could take years. Many have been hit hard while others have simply ceased to exist. Millions of honest-to-goodness workers at all levels have lost their jobs and, for many, it's a time when they might have to think about starting their career again. However, some of our business ideologies might have become slightly dated and flawed over the years and could do with an overhaul and this Covid crisis could well be the thing that gives us the opportunity to press the reboot button and restart things with better knowledge and better skills than before. We have the opportunity here to become smarter, leaner and more focussed so that we can take it to the next level. The key being, of course, that all knowledge is good. 

Stryve is a new global app aimed at the tech community where ideas and knowledge can be shared and learned for the betterment of its members. The developers' vision is to build up a world's best tech community where all tech knowledge is on the table to be shared amongst peers to create a better workforce, encourage growth and create job opportunities. The idea is to have a 500,000 strong Stryve tech community by the end of next year. 

Stryve is not competitive. It's there so you can show your colors and support your fellow members with new technology, new ideas and the latest trends. Privacy and transparency are the two values that are its mainstays. It's important to be open to new ideas and the community relies on its members to contribute information and ask tough questions of each other. The posting of useful links and URL's is wholeheartedly encouraged but, unlike various social media platforms, it isn't about bickering and controversy. It's about uplifting your fellow tech community rather than pulling it down. Constructive criticism is encouraged and positivity is the objective. 

While Stryve isn't your traditional job market as such, there are plenty of opportunities to post jobs you might want to advertise for free. There's plenty of talented individuals out there who might be looking for a new position or to get back into the workforce after Covid. You'll save a fair bit of money and cut out the middleman if you find talent here rather than through an agency, that's for sure. The team will talent match on skills, interests and relevant job positions and create pools which are tagged in groups for easy viewing. If you see someone posting interesting stuff it's easy to reach out to them and invite them to apply to work for your company. Remember, there'll be half a million people out there to interact with. The simple applicant tracking software allows you to manage all your job posts and to see who applies in an individually focused experience.

I can hear you asking what is the difference between Stryve and an app like LinkedIn. Well, Stryve is less of a social network and more of an information hub with benefits. It's less formal than LinkedIn and more knowledge-based with the added bonus of a tech oriented job opportunities market to back it up. Also, unlike LinkedIn, it's geared specifically at the tech community so it's much more relevant to your particular field of business. So, let's talk cost here. There is a free version as well as a couple of other plans that range between US$49 and $69 per month so the cost of signing up to Stryve for a year is less than you would pay to recruit just one person through an agency. 

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