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Published 27 Jun 2020

[cont'd] to interact with. The simple applicant tracking software allows you to manage all your job posts and to see who applies in an individually focused experience.

I can hear you asking what is the difference between Stryve and an app like LinkedIn. Well, Stryve is less of a social network and more of an information hub with benefits. It's less formal than LinkedIn and more knowledge-based with the added bonus of a tech oriented job opportunities market to back it up. Also, unlike LinkedIn, it's geared specifically at the tech community so it's much more relevant to your particular field of business. So, let's talk cost here. There is a free version as well as a couple of other plans that range between US$49 and $69 per month so the cost of signing up to Stryve for a year is less than you would pay to recruit just one person through an agency.