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The life of a student can be a confusing whirlwind that involves balancing your academic, ... More

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Published 16 Jul 2012

Do you remember those organizers that you always used to HAVE to have before the new academic year began to plan out proceedings. It had great little personalized sections with pockets for all sorts of things and came enclosed in a very cool leather-looking pouch. Student T.A. Is the modern day equivalent to the old organizer. It's essential that you have one and it's the perfect gift for the students amongst us for balancing your academic, social and personal lives. Student T.A. is up there with the best personal organizers on the app market and it's absolutely free.
The life of a student can be a confusing whirlwind that involves balancing your academic, social, & personal lives. However, Student T.A., the next generation of student planners, is here. Student T.A. is a time-management application that allows users to manage nearly every aspect of their lives. It is a mobile app that helps students balance courses, assignments and even social activities. Additionally,  it includes a dynamic notification system that keeps users alert and aware at all times. It includes a number of various innovative features which will not only assist users but will also keep them engaged. It keeps user's aware of everything they may have going on from the most time-consuming tasks to the smallest ones. User's are able to set various alarms and alerts and are notified by both smart notifications and notification badges. Student T.A. was previously known as College T.A. and one of the new features integrated into this new application is theme customization which features the flexibility to choose between various themes to give their home screen an unique appearance. This time-management application not only focuses on the academic aspect of a student's life but also the personal and social aspects.
I'm still trying to work out what the T.A. in its name stands for. Time-management Application sounds pretty good to me but it does so many cool things and looks great so there are any number of things it could be named. The bottom line is that Student T.A. Should probably be on your list of must have apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when every student with an iOS starts a new year of learning. It has all the elements of many of the other academically based organize apps but also ands a personal and social side that you will use a lot. A must have!

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