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Create a parallel Facebook network so that your mom can't see what you are doing

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Published 29 Oct 2012

[cont'd] friends who are nearby and make it easier to hang out with them. The Facebook global profile helps you discover other non-student Facebook users and easily switch between student profiles. Make one of them active according to what you want to do, whether it is to just make friends or do a little flirting.
It's strange that institutions like universities and colleges, which thrive on their social side, can be such lonely places especially early on in your student life. Making new friends is not the easiest thing and an app like Student'U can help with connecting with like-minded people. This social discovery app for smartphone is a bit like a parallel universe to Facebook where you can flirt and chat to your heart's content with no fear of friends or family (especially your mom) ever finding out. So next time you wanna find that cute new friend without the rest of your friends or family finding out -especially your mother - try Student'U.