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Published 28 Aug 2012

They say that if you are going to learn a language then the earlier you start the better. But why is that I wonder? Surely, the brain power of an adult with their learning capacity and drive is going to be able to pick up a language at least as quickly as a little kid. So maybe the learning pattern is not quite right. StudyChat Japanese was developed to incorporate an element of fun into language learning in the same way that kids are taught new words and phrases in another language.  It uses the simple and fun  idea of flash cards to encourage better understanding of the Japanese language for students with some knowledge of the language.
StudyChat Japanese was born out of the developer's frustration at language learning techniques. After trying to master this tricky language for some time they came across a kids study game and realized that it was heaps of fun and more the whole learning process so much easier. This led to some serious brainstorming and, with the aid of a team of graphic designers, translators and voice actors, they put together this fun and effective roleplay and flash card application to make the learning process so much more natural and with a much better outcome. The phrases to remember are in the flow of 1-2 minute conversations and, at each step of the conversation, the phrase varies depending on which words a learner is having difficulty with and based on...