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Stuora is the ultimate question and answer website taylored for university students. It is run ... More

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Published 11 Aug 2012

The idea behind Stuora is to provide a simple question and answer arena for students that will eventually turn out to be the only place to go to when you need to find specific information fast. It aims to take the place of websites like Blackboard, Moodle and Wikipedia and become your one-stop place-to-go when needing answers to any course related question. This free knowledge and learning application is designed specifically for university students and the questions and answers submitted are all the product of the students themselves.
Stuora is the ultimate question and answer website taylored specifically for university students. It is run by students for students and is a convenient place to find out the information you need. Need to know where Louisville got its name (or how to pronounce it, if it comes to that) or why Kentucky is a Commonwealth and not a State? Just search the database for your question or ask one yourself and read answers to help you understand and get accurate answers. Each question page aims to become the best resource for anyone who needs the answer to the same question. In many cases, your question will already have been asked and answered by people with first-hand experience. Stuora connects you to everything you want to know about and aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web.
Stuora would love to be considered as the Wikipedia for university students and somewhere that you can go to get all of your course related question answered. And for that it succeeds pretty well. This free and easy to use education application, while not looking a million dollars, manages to come up with the goods and lets you ask simple or more difficult questions and get the answers from fellow students who have 'been there and done that.'

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