Developer description

Tired of bloated off the shelf templates that are difficult to customize and maintain? Use WordPress the way it was intended with fast and responsive templates which you can download for free. We also provide tools that allow you to style templates to match your brand.

Our Style Guide Editor allows you to easily add fonts, choose colors and customize form elements and buttons. It works with our themes and those that ship with WordPress.

Building with WordPress means having instant access to thousands of free plugins, including professional SEO, analytics, caching, newsletter integration, contact forms and much more.

Building with Stylekit means starting with fast reliable templates that are fully compatible with all things WordPress and work perfectly on all devices, right out of the box. Many themes that you find online have been designed to attract buyer's attention with over the top animations and back-end features that largely go unused and contribute to site bloat.

It is helpful to begin somewhere when building for WordPress, with many developers starting with the stock themes that come pre-installed. We expand upon this with themes that offer full-screen, parallax, brochure and landing page deigns.

Build for Wordpress with free, responsive, wireframe templates. Full-screen. parallax, landing page, portfolio and brochure themes available.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015