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Published 2 Apr 2013

[cont'd] engage' with other channels that you might have otherwise missed. The advanced statistical analysis shows you who is hot and when things happen. If you want to know who you subbed and who unsubbed you its very easy to check the stats. Just connect your Google or YouTube account and choose a plan. The only criteria is that you must have more than three videos uploaded to help prevent spamming. Sub4Sub works very simply. When users subscribe to your channel they politely ask if you would subscribe to their channel as well - thus creating a network between each user’s channels. There are several different billing plans with a totally free one always available.
It's a strange one isn't it? And it’s quite a simple idea really. While people are reluctant to blindly hunt out new channels to follow and subscribe to, it gets a little easier when a friendly channels offers you the chance to join another. It's almost a bit of a seal of approval and a way of saying "hey, if you are interested in this channel then how about this one too." There are a few sites around that do the 'Sub for Sub' method or viral advertising and this one is easy to use and uses a different pricing plan for each situation and each type of promotional activity you think you need. However, there will always be a free version, so we are told.