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SubIntent learns what works with your visitors and shows the right call-to-action to the right ... More

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Published 15 May 2013

Web designers may know what looks good visually on your site but sometimes the aesthetics can get ahead of the things that really appeal to your visitors. So these days it is interesting to add a different element into the proceedings.  In this case by adding a page optimizer to automatically put the stuff on the screen - and in front of your visitors eyes - that they want to see. It is a great way to please your visitors as well as converting more of them into paying customers. And it's all done automatically.
Spending more time trying to figure out what your results mean rather than actually coming up with good copy? Not any more! SubIntent will figure out what the best performing variations of your pages are and apply them automatically. You don't have to go near a spreadsheet or a statistics textbook ever again. SubIntent learns what works with your visitors and shows exactly the right 'call-to-action' to the right user at the right time without the need for any server side modifications, messy HTML or JavaScript coding. The app optimizes your pages to maximize conversions using msing machine learning techniques. It stays up and running continually to ensure your optimal conversion rates the whole year around and automatically optimizes your content based on location, referrer domains, devices and more. With every visitor recorded, SubIntent learns what works and tunes your pages accordingly without your having to a lift a finger. Lets say that...