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Choosing exactly what to visit during a city trip can sometimes be extremely challenging, particularly when you are planning to visit a city you have never been to before. Information about sights on the internet or in guide books can be helpful, but they both have one big issue; you don’t know exactly what is still current, and what is outdated. This is what the founders of Suggestme also encountered! The start-up was, therefore, begun out of frustration with static and outdated city maps. The company now offers users the opportunity to create their own personalized city maps using real-time information taken from social media.

The user can select spots from a database of millions of sights in 21 cities across Europe and the United States. This sights have been collected from a number of sources including social media, from locals, and personal experience.

To avoid the dreaded static and outdated information, a filter has been developed that filters sights taken from social media for quality and relevance. On the basis of comments on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter, these sights are ranked according to popularity. Therefore, when the weather is good, it is likely that more parks and outside activities are shown, and on cold days, inside activities such as museums. The user can also see that sight at that particular moment in time due to real-time connection with Instagram photos.

Furthermore, users have the chance to select their favorite sights and collect these on their own city map. The result is a personalized city map created with real-time information. The created city map can then be exported in two ways; either as a free digital version that can be opened on a smart phone or tablet, or as a high-quality printed map sent to the customer at home for a small fee.

Through the clever use of social media, the data is always of the moment, and the user can make selections of the most exciting sights to their own taste. With a completely personal tailor-made city map, the traveler is no longer a tourist, and can live and breathe the ultimate experience.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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