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Just check out all the new crazy and weird Web 2.0 names out there – Flickr, Skype, Twitter, Google. Or some of the less popular (but still “up-there”) names like Fluctu8, Muiso, Upto11. We can just go on and on… Ever wonder how you could come up with a catchy company name?
The old way brainstorming way will probably turn your brain to slime until it runs down your ears. Probably make your creative juices run dry too. Or you might want to backmask all the words in the dictionary and listen to them. Or record a baby’s baby talk and you just might come across one.
Or just visit Suggest.Name. It’s a direct-to-the-point website that generates weird (but really Web 2.0-ish) names for your Web 2.0 company. It also has domain availability checking.
If you really can’t think of a catchy name, this could be worth a shot.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011