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Suibee is an application that gathers awesome posts by people like you! Get inspired from ... More

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Published 13 May 2012

Suibee is a Facebook application that offers you a window into the thoughts of the rest of the world by filtering content and feeds based on the things that you enjoy and are interested in. When logging into your Facebook account with Suibee you can gather together all the posts from fellow Facebook users worldwide who match up with the various traits of your own personality. Tap into new hobbies, innovative concepts,  business ideas and generally all the other cool stuff that people just like you are posting.
Suibee is a new type of content filtering and discovery application that gathers posts by people like you! It helps you get  inspired from Facebook users all over the world who match your individual personality. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, easy going or uptight or you have unique personality chacteristics, Suibee will match you with users who share similar traits and let you know what they post!  The idea behind this Facebook people share app is to motivate people to explore new hobbies and business ideas, discover people with extraordinary lifestyles and to come across new exciting things that are happening around the planet. You can have a look at what other users similar to yourself are posting and publish them on your own Facebook page. Suibee discovers more about your personality characteristics through entertaining quizzes where you can learn things about yourself as well as showing you inspiring posts by other users with  similar likes and dislikes...