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Suitcases will be the answer to your daily unintentional forgetfulness!

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Published 22 May 2013

Whether you are a regular traveler or just planning a special annual holiday it pays, these days, to be better organized in knowing exactly what you want to take with you. If you travel regularly for business it is essential that you take everything with you that you need. And, while you could probably buy anything you forget to take with you when you away on vacation, the last thing you want to do is to leave your favorite pair of pants in the hotel room. Suitcases is a simple but attractive looking reminder app where you can list what you need to take with you when traveling and what to bring home afterwards.
With our lives being filled with things to do on a daily basis its not really surprising that we can forget one or two things - especially when we are away from our home environment. With the convenience of being able to keep your apps in your pocket via your iDevice, Suitcases is the solution to one part of that forgetfulness. The name of the app speaks for itself and has been devised for travelers of all kinds to remind you of everything that needs to be taken with you on a business trip or a vacation. You can use one of the three default suitcases that are labeled for different travel plans. By clicking on the "Beach Trip" suitcase for example, you will be presented with all your items in categories so you know what...