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Many people talk about literacy and the importance of education in today’s society.

Over the last few years I noticed that where literacy scores quite high in some regions, there is absolutely no focus on what I call numerical fluency.

So what is numerical fluency? Well, while folks that are literate can usually read quite well, people generally don’t have a strong ‘feel’ for numbers! This is also called ‘number sense’. Now, I don’t mean that people should be able to mentally calculate the square root of 384 but, if you had a high level of numerical fluency or number sense you would have a pretty good idea of an approximate figure for what the answer might be…so it would be between 15 and 20.
Obviously, having a high degree of numerical fluency will bring about many benefits such as:

• It helps you think flexibly
• Promotes confidence with numbers
• Easier to develop reasoning strategies

Sumit is an android app that I developed with the express aim to help players develop numerical fluency, in a fun way.

Sumit is a single or online multiplayer game where you pit your wits against your opponent.

There are a few different game modes. The first is a race to reach the target number. You do not take turns you just work with the numbers as quickly as possible to get to the target number first.

You begin with a current single digit number and the game provides you with a stream of other single digit numbers. You use these numbers one at a time with your current number. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide the provided number with your current number to give you a new current number.

The next three provided numbers are always visible so you know what is coming.

A new game mode that we have introduced is a timed game where the winner is the person that gets closest to the target number in the least number of steps!

You can track your progress with the global leader board and you can unlock achievements which also unlock special mathematical functions and power ups.

Last updated 29 Feb 2016

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