Developer description

Point your iPhone to the sky and explore the movement of the sun, moon, planets and stars across the sky while you change time by swiping the display.

You can even change your location -- wondering how the sky looks where there's midnight sun? Or try setting your location to the other side of the equator and watch the sky rotating in the opposite direction.

Even watch through your phones camera, by toggling the AR-button.

When do solstices and equinoxes occur? Find out with this app!

Predict lunar eclipses and simulate the earth's shadow across the moon by simply swiping across the moon in the lunar eclipses view!

• Sunrise, sunset for any given date - just swipe the sky view. Click on date or clock symbol to go back to current time.
• In the Sun tab, scroll through the days and notice the the sunrise and sunset times changing.
• Moonrise, moonset for any given date. • Solar System view.
• Click on map symbol to choose a new location on a map.
• Today widget for quick view
• Notifications

Last updated 15 Apr 2019

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