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Do you like adventure games? Let's go on a jungle ride. You are at the very right place. If you loved playing Platform Games and want to explore the new Lands as Jungle-Desert-Winter, Epic Night, and many other Worlds .If you like adventurous so don't miss ★★★ Real Kong Super Hero ★★★.

Help the Super Kong Real Hero to jump and get out of jungle adventure by eating bananas. Run and jump with monkey kong and be the king of the jungle. Your mission in this super adventure journey game is to help the kong overcome obstacles such as getting hit by the Evil Enemies. The monkey Kong has come to this beautiful Banana island this time, and what will be the new challenge waiting for it?

The ferocious crabs, the octopus lurking in the water, the sudden attack of the flying bird, felt that Kong was really in trouble this time. jump over turtles and hit the enemies with balls and hit them with the hand stick etc. enhances the game fun. Eat more bananas and help yourself score and get more lives to use within the game. Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong Run. The Real SuperHero to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls.

How to Play:
> To move Super Kong character click on right or left on the control pad
> Press Jump-button AND right or left for running
> Press B-button to make Super Kong jump
> Click the B button to hit the enemies and pass the hurdles
> Super Kong swimming: press A-Button multiple times to Shoot the evils
> Jumping on the evil to defeat them

• Infinite challenging levels.
• Save Kong's life from various moving hurdles like swings, rotating wooden fan.
• Ever-lasting wooden bridges and chain paths.
• Kong The real hero has increasing difficulty for Players.
• To maintain health, Kong can collect bananas and different fruits.

• Best Sounds Tracks ever in the game.
• Many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items.
• Addictive gameplay.
• Unlock achievements.
• Many Different worlds : Desert Canyon, Snow mountaines, Mysterious Jungle, Volcano panic, Banana Temple , epic night , and many many more .
• Tons of tricky monsters, difficult to handle.
• This free game is a platform for all ages.

Now, Are you ready? well if you are, this is a very easy game to play and free to download. Enjoy The Wild adventures with the Super Kong.

It's going to be very easy at first but the more you proceed the more dangerous it gets.

Last updated 15 Feb 2019

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