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Add an easy-to-use online reservation system to your own site. The basic version is ... More

Editor's review

Published 18 Feb 2013

We have said many times in our reviews of great business apps that, if you are a pretty savvy small business person, you can run your whole company on free apps. SuperSaas is one of those apps. It is a very flexible, easy to use and good looking appointment scheduler and reservation system that you can add to your own site. SuperSaas is great for any type of business but especially good for sports clubs, health and medical practices, photographers, events and meetings. It is totally free for small businesses and non-profit organizations but also offers reasonably priced plans for larger enterprises.
There are plenty of appointment schedulers available but many are over complicated, costly and require constant updating. SuperSaaS is an easy way to add an extremely flexible online reservation system to your own site with probably its best attribute being the ability for the user to be always in total control of their own system settings. SuperSaaS can cater to many different scheduling needs whether it be to allow students to sign up for a class or simply to accept online appointments for your own business. You can show when your boat is available for hire or even use it as a shared calendar to book meeting rooms. There are many advanced features including it's being available in 25 languages, 24 different monetary currencies as well as being adaptable to all the world's timezones. Finally, you can easily customize and personalize SuperSaaS' layout and color scene to fit in with the theme of your own site. With over 12 million appointments booked so far through the app it's easy to see that you don't have to spend a fortune on a good scheduler to get great results.
Gone are the days when appointment scheduling was carried out with a huge desk pad even for the small business. Especially when there are apps like SuperSaas to take care of it for you. And you can forget the excuse that you can't afford such a service with times being tight because this one is free for the small compact business and paid plans starting at under ten bucks a month. This is a fully functioning reservation system to suit businesses like hairdressing salons, car shops and tennis court hire. In fact, anywhere that you need to create an appointment calendar for. It looks elegant, it's fully customizable, can be set up in ten minutes and is an easy way to bring your appointment scheduling into the 21st century. Get organized.

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