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Battle the smelly fridge with great characters and unique gameplay

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The evil smelly fridge is threatening to stink up your kitchen. Your only hope is to raise an ... More

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Published 2 Mar 2014

The first thing you are going to notice about this fun new game for iOS6 and later is its beautifully stylized and very unique cartoon characters. And it's this uniqueness - evident all the way through the game - is what makes it so interesting. Supperhero is a deliberately lo-fi, turn-based game that uses simple strategic game play to raise an army of superheroes to defeat the villain - a smelly fridge and it's evil contents. In an interesting twist, the game gives users the opportunity to use calorie consumption to further their success and they must plan the best way to strategically “devour” foods to prevent the overpowering smell of rotten food from escaping from the evil refrigerator.
Supperhero has been inspired by popular collectible card games like Shadow Era, Order, Chaos Duels and I Am MT. The storyline - which most kids will love - is to defeat the evil smelling fridge that is threatening to stink up your kitchen. The only hope of defeating them is to raise an army of Supperheroes with calories, attacking all the heroes and killing them. The game is easy to play with intuitive drag and drop control  - designed especially for mobiles - and lets users take turns to try to defeat the foe. Battle with countless Supperheroes across many different and very distinct terrains  - all containing their own tricky problems that can only be solved using superior strategy. Master the terrain with specific tactics and show off your skills in online real-time person-to-person showdowns as you make your way to the top of the leader board by competing against players from all around the world as you fight to see who has the supreme and all-conquering refrigerator. Supperheroes offers a new take on the food battle with its strategic calorie allocation and intelligent tactical nous as you strive to collect countless beautifully animated and playable Supperheroes. The game features more than a hundred heroes and monsters - each having a unique skill - and with every level, new heroes are unlocked to strengthen your team. In arena mode, you can challenge your friends irrespective of the mobile platform they are using.
Supperheroes is a constantly evolving free game for iOS6, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that offers hours of addictive game play. It is a unique entry into the arena of strategy games for mobiles and the turn-based, real-time game play adds another dimension to online game playing that will keep you amused for hours. It features great identifiable characters and - to say the least - a very unusual storyline with advanced levels having exciting extra features making it all the more interesting and adventurous. Players are given the option of playing as different characters - all resplendent with their own unique special powers - and all of the main characters have loyal sidekicks to help them. The developers have plans to add tons of new characters and spells very soon as well as features like survival game mode. Supperhero is one of those games that is easy to play but hard to master but is made easier by its user friendliness and easy navigation. It's free, but you may want to pay real money for in-app purchases to enhance the game play.

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