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The dietary supplement world is approaching 1 Trillion dollars in revenue each year. It isn't ... More

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Published 24 Jan 2017

Dietary supplements have become as much a part of many people's lives these days as breakfast cereals. In fact, in many homes, you will find large tubs of supplements sitting right next to the muesli or oatmeal in the kitchen cupboard. Not so long back, the only people that bought them were body builders but that's all changed now. They are now well and truly a part of the world of dietary supplements and are taken as part of a controlled diet by regular people just like you and me. The only trouble is, despite the supplement industry being worth over a trillion dollars a year, it is largely unregulated by the FDA. This means that users have to rely on non-FDA labeling and confusing ingredients listings when trying to work out exactly what a product contains as well as its recommended serving size.

Supplement Snoop is a comprehensive supplement analyzer for both Android and iOS that becomes every household's answer to the confusing world of dietary supplements. Now you can purchase products with complete confidence with the total knowledge of exactly what the product contains as well as its strength. It aims to keep you fully informed and helps make the right selection, ensuring you choose the correct product at the right price for your needs.

The app offers instant barcode scanning technology to provide immediate results for your chosen product. This includes the serving size on the label and shows you exactly how much of...