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Published 3 Nov 2013

[cont'd] a single click. All you need to do to share a session is open, enter the website you want to share and share the resulting link. Surfly uses an advanced technique to set up the shared session and allows you to run the session in real time via the web - meaning that there is no need to download any software - and you can start sharing immediately. Your session is as fast as if you were using the site directly and without any loss of quality. The app doesn’t have or need access to your computer and works using a single tab of your web browser so, when you close the browser tab, the session ends. They also do not share passwords or security tokens and the people who you invite to join your session will only see the visual content of your browser tab.
Have you ever tried to go through the finer details of a website when you and a collaborator are in completely different countries? Believe me, it can be hard work. Surfly is a wonderfully easy to use free app that solves that problem beautifully. Just both open up the link in the app and everyone can see exactly what you are talking about in real time. It works well in collaboration with tools like GitHub, Bitbucket and Google Code and makes it very simple for you to plan milestones, track issues, review code and pair programming whether your collaborator is in...