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⇒ Have you ever downloaded an eBook, Software, or a Premium content then suddenly a survey popped out? ⇐

⇒ Ever experience filling up surveys for you to access the locked content? ⇐

⇒ Would you like to download the files of any website/domain without doing any survey? ⇐

Locking a file with a survey is a solution always more used by uploader who want to ‘secure’ the file / software / eBook etc, and at the same time earn money from it.Doing online surveys to download your file, software, eBook etc is the most irritating work we have ever seen. Uploaders applies surveys on their uploaded files so that no one will have access to the file, software, eBook until they will complete the survey.At this time no one will spend time in completing them. because we all know it etc is the most irritating work.

We are a team and we are helping peoples from few years Click Here to visit our blog. and see why peoples are encouraging us to make a site about this survey remover. Thanks for their support to build this Survey Bypasser tool
Some of us have already have experience at working with some survey sites like Fileice, CleanFiles, ShareCash etc
but we decided to stop allowing uploaders locking fake files with malware, viruses and password locked stuff, and then fooling us who spend money and time on surveys. only because of this, we were fired up from their networks.
Just only because of this we decided to build this site, and promote here our self coded survey remover There are so many fake ‘survey removers, which actually don’t work and fill a PC with viruses and malware.

Last updated 30 May 2015

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