Developer description

Survey42 – Telephone survey made easy
What is Survey42? Survey42 is a simple to use, online telephone survey builder integrated with most advanced text to speech engines. It supports more than 20 languages. You simple create questions and options in Survey42’s survey editor, which is as easy as using any other text editor, upload your phone number, and make it live. You start getting results in just a couple of hours.
Why Telephone Surveys ? Surveys are important part of any organization. Be it customer satisfaction surveys, review surveys or just general feedback surveys, traditional media like email, web fail to provide fast results. There are higher chances that your mail will be resting in your users mailbox for days before he opens it. Conversion rate is slow, you get results in several days. Overall process is very inefficient. On the other hand, telephone surveys are easy and quick. They have higher conversion rate. Also, you start getting results quickly. You don’t have to wait for days for the results. It saves you lots of your productive time and energy.
Why Survey42 ? Setting up telephone surveys is generally a complicated process. You need to understand IVR and various other technical stuff. Also, it generally involves a setup cost. Overall, the entire system becomes very costly even if you want to get a simple survey done. Survey42 abstracts this entire process to make things simple for you. You just need to create question and option in a simple survey editor, Survery42 attach to a IVR system, convert them into audio data using text to speech engine and dispatches them to your users. You only need to think about your surveys, the rest of the process has been simplified.
What is allowed and what is not ? Currently only surveys are allowed through this platform. Any other usage is strictly prohibited. We monitor all activities on the platform. Every account is manually reviewed and approved. We advise to use this platform for your own users only who have registered for your product or services and have permission to receive calls from you.
How is Survey42 better than competitors ? Most competitor solution ask their user to either record their voice or use system’s default robotic voice. However, there are three major challenges with this approach. The person who creates the survey is less likely to have access to a voice artist, even if he does, the overall process becomes slow for him. It might take him days to get even simple survey running. Also, even if he chooses the system’s default robotic voice, it is generally of poor quality. Most people generally hang-up hearing such robotic voice, and hence very very low conversion rate. The third major challenge is language support. Almost all such solution provides support only in English. Survey42 solves this problem beautifully by providing advanced text to speech language support. It’s now easy to create surveys in your own language. It makes it easy for you to reach your users independent of their language and location.

Last updated 2 Jul 2014