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Published 8 Oct 2011

This CRM system from Sutisoft Inc. looks to have all the bases covered in respect of marketing, customer, sales and analytics management.

If you’re looking to generate sales from email marketing campaigns then the necessary templates are there for you to spread your message. If the campaign is subsequently successful the leads can be tracked in fine detail through to close.

Opportunities can be initiated from the new customer form attached to your website. The details are then directed to the CRM system and can be routed to the designated representative for action.

The level of information available to sales managers is very good and charts and graphs show data such as leads by status and account by type. You can also see projected revenue from those deals at quote stage and the possible effect on your quarterly income positions.

I particularly like the forecast function where sales guys can rate a prospect’s likely conversion in percentage terms. In the old days this was down to guess work and usually only updated at monthly sales meetings. We all know that the status of a sales opportunity can change on a daily basis so the ability to be able to tweak this forecast the moment some progress is made makes for more accurate projections.

A sales promise that cannot be fulfilled is tantamount to a crime and therefore a link into available inventory is vital. This app gives you real time information on what’s there and gives you the tools to...