Developer description

Swarm is a network of people creating and sharing opinion polls with their friends and the world. Swarm polls can be emailed to anyone, or posted on your website, blog, MySpace page or Facebook profile. You can rate polls, comment on polls and search for polls about almost any topic under the sun.
Most importantly, Swarm is a broad NETWORK of poll creators and respondents. Most online polling solutions are basically just nice software – they help you create a poll, but they don’t do anything to distribute your poll and get people to actually VOTE on it.
Swarm does! Swarm is a full-service polling solution. After you create a poll about any topic you want, we proactively distribute your poll across the web in order to generate VOTES for your poll. After all, what is the point in creating a great-looking poll if you don’t share it with a lot of folks and get them to vote on it? The whole point is to see what the world is really thinking.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010