Developer description

Swayy basically provides you the content you want, on a simple sharing platform to engage your target audience.
The main purpose is to make your daily sharing activity much easier, and unlike other content tools - the topics are based by your audience engagement and interests.

Increasingly, SMBs, startups, and personals recognize the importance of sharing content with their community as part of their marketing strategy, in order to achieve engagement and widen their social reach.

However, finding the best content to share and knowing what your audience wants to consume is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Swayy provides users content to share with their audience based on what their social community reacts the best to. By curating a variety of news, blogs, videos, infographics and more - Swayy makes the task of sharing easy, quick and efficient.

By sharing through Swayy, the user receives recommendations on how to broaden their reach using relevant hashtags and handles.

Semantic analytics gives the user the best sources to share from, what types of content are the most successful, and trending topics to post about.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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