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Published 26 Oct 2011

It’s a common problem for anyone starting a business; top talent is expensive even on a part-time consultancy basis. Furthermore if early stage funding is hard to come by then the chances of hiring anyone in the high flyer bracket get even slimmer.

Sweat Equity Connection is a new site that aims to iron out that problem by providing a matching platform for those seeking top talent with those looking for their next opportunity. Quite different from a job posting site however, the clue is in the name of the site and remuneration mostly comes in the shape of an equity stake in the business concerned.

The two sides of the equation are labelled talent seekers and talent providers and both need to register. Talent providers will have to divulge quite a lot of information about themselves which is fairly understandable when you consider a possible outcome could be that they end up with a sack full of Facebook-like shares.

The answers to their questions will be subjected to the sites unique algorithms which will gauge their attitude to things like risk tolerance levels and also drill down into their entrepreneurial skills. The final test of a good match comes courtesy of an exercise similar to that used by dating sites where personality and psychological traits are analyzed.

Talent seekers register and can post their opportunities for free. Charges will apply however when it comes to searching the talent database and range from $500 to $1,200 based on how...