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Replace your Facebook profile picture into a video and turn your plain white background ... More

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Published 21 Nov 2011

Now this is pretty cool! If you are looking for something to set you apart from the pack on your Facebook page I think I might have it for you here. Most Facebook pages tend to be very similar but this design social networking tool can turn your plain white background into a photo from your library and, when you've done that, you can change your profile picture into a clip from YouTube.

Depending who you believe Sweedom is short for Sweet Freedom or Sweet and Awesome(?) but it certainly frees you up from the drabness of your Facebook page so I'll go with the first option.Let's face it Mark Zuckerberg's little baby has grown up now and it's time it got a bit of a design makeover I think. Its a few years old now and losing a little bit of it's luster isn't it. Sweedom is a free photo tool for your favorite social networking site that goes some way to brightening it up and making it the envy of your friends. First up, you can take any video on YouTube and make that your own. So the idea is you film yourself and upload it onto YouTube and then use that as your new avatar. But you can use anything you like - within reason and within the bounds of decency. Secondly, you can take any picture on your computer and use that instead of the rather dull white one...