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A game that brings climate change to the game table

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A city gets flooded with pouring rain and our delicious friends are in need of your help! With ... More

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Published 27 Aug 2016

The way that it looks at the moment, it won't be terrorism that brings the world to its knees. It'll be climate change and devastating floods. You just have to look at the recent disasters in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to know that torrential rain and rising water can cause as much damage and heartache as anything that we humans have to put up with. It's probably no coincidence that a new game has turned up on the market that echoes those themes of torrential rain and rising water levels.

Sweet Jump is a free new arcade game for Android that pits our hero - that's you, by the way - as having to guide your friends to safety at the top of the tree when pouring rain causes the water to rise above sea level. You are the only one who can prevent them from drowning in the  rising white waters. You must jump high and bounce wide in order to survive for as long as you can. Watch out though because the time sensitive tree branches that can grow at super speed with all that water rising in the city. You'll have to watch out for flying birds as you bounce around though. They can be deadly and you only have 2 lives to reach the magical 300 points needed.

You can play as any one of a tasty bunch of characters. Maybe you want to be Cool Ice Cream or Sweet Cake or...