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A game that brings climate change to the game table

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Published 27 Aug 2016

[cont'd] even as Fresh Cookie or Blue Sprinkle Donut. Collect the little gold stars as you bounce along and you'll be able to unlock new characters. Challenge your friends to see who is the greatest hero and get your name to the top of the Google's leader board. Sweet Jump is full of delicious and tasty features with maps in a multitude of rainbow colors to brighten up your day. It's completely free to play and the only thing you'll need to shell out for are for the stars that unlock new characters.

The game features 15 rainbow colored levels and 5 puzzling adventures to unlock, and is accompanied by a punchy soundtrack to keep you jumping. You'll collect stars as you jump and you can unlock achievements when you use jump combos. When you get to 30 stars you'll be able to unlock a hidden character. There's also a mystery surprise when you get to the last level. It's one of those games that is easy to play yet challenging to master.

Sounds a little close to home, you might say? Sweet Jump manages to acknowledge the climate change disasters around us without trivialising them but, more than that, it provides hours of addictive fun. Not surprisingly, the game wasn't designed by  seasoned professionals but in conjunction with the 13 year old son of one of the developers. Finally, every gamer who can reach a score of 300 will...