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Published 3 Jul 2013

You've just got to look at the recent Academy Awards and the Emmys to see just how much political, social and news events have engulfed our lives just in the last five years. There are so many political films like Argo winning awards and the wealth of quality political tv shows like Newsroom, House of Cards and VEEP! is astonishing. The fact is, we as a people, are getting addicted to the news of the day and we want to have an easy way of getting it. Many of us are sick of the 'shock jocks' on the radio and search out a better way of news gathering. Swell Radio is a new news streaming application for iOS that does for news and information what Pandora does for music. It gives you instant access to streamed audio from many of the biggest news organizations worldwide and gives you the freedom to get on with your regular life while still getting the highest quality news coverage.
Swell is the quickest and easiest way to listen to audio news and information. It gives you instant access to free and unlimited streaming audio from iTunes, NPR, ABC, BBC, CBC, TED, ESPN and many more so you can easily listen and discover all the news you need while commuting in the car or exercising at the gym. Swell is powered by an advanced algorithm that delivers content in a lean back format designed with a simple goal. To serve you with the right content that you want to listen to right now. The algorithm evaluates the content that you get to hear using a formula that combines many factors including expert, user, content, community and peer ratings. Swell is designed with the belief that your time is valuable so the more time you spend listening to your content - the more it learns about your preference for that type of content. In other words, Swell’s algorithm understands your interests by observing how you and the Swell community use the app. The service behind Swell includes a sophisticated content management system that dynamically manages freshness, timeliness, and quality attributes of media available to users at each moment for streaming.
Regular listeners to the free streaming music station Pandora will know just how convenient that station is when you are cruising around. Well, this app is pretty much the news equivalent of that and offers what they call a new 'lean-back' way to consume news and other important information. It allows you to get quality news content and other information from the most reliable sources via your iPhone or iPad and while you are on the move. Swell Radio was put together by a huge team of experts in their fields and works like a dream. It's simple to use and looks good on your iOS. The smart algorithm adjusts the content you look at based on your previous viewing habits. That's smart!

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