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Replace your mom's photo albums with a beautiful online version

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Create beautiful photo journals in a snap! Easily turn your pictures into cherished albums ... More

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Published 1 Apr 2013

We are always keen to hear about new and unusual travel apps here at the FeedMyApp offices. It must be something to do with our globe trotting habits. Swemos is a photo journal application for iOS that provides a very usable place to keep all your treasured photos and memories of a vacation trip in the same way that our parents used to keep travel albums many years back. The big difference between then and now, of course, is that you don't have to keep your photo book in a cupboard till someone comes over to visit. With Swemos, it's simple to turn your photos into great looking personalized albums and share them with friends and family via your favorite social network or BlueTooth.
Swemos helps you create beautiful photo journals in a snap. This attractive looking travel photo app helps you turn your pictures into cherished albums that you'll love to share with family and friends. You can easily make photo albums for vacation trips, weddings, your children or just regular everyday moments. It's the perfect way to remember special occasions in your life. To design an album,just choose your favorite photos. Edit, rearrange them, add a title and captions and share your photo moments with family and friends by email, Facebook and Twitter or exchange them by Bluetooth. . Select your favorite picture for the cover and make every album totally unique with your choice of 60 beautiful covers, 30 stylish papers and all the available fonts on your iPhone or iPad. When you import your photos, time and location are automatically read and you can view your pictures on a map to see all the places you've visited and recall those special moments. Adjust your locations by dragging the thumbnails on the map in each album. Easily copy each album as a file from your iPhone or iPad with iTunes.
Theres nothing particularly life changing about Swemos but it does provide a beautiful place to keep and share your precious and treasured memories. This easy to use app is totally customizable with heaps of different covers and wallpapers and you can make as many different albums as you need. It's a bit different and a far more flexible option than your mom's huge photo book that she would pick up from Target. And with so many people choosing the iPad as their iOS device, it's a quite beautiful way to share your photos with family and friends.

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