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Swifto Dog Walking provides New Yorkers with dog walkers within the hour, anywhere in the city, ... More

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Published 31 Dec 2011

There are only a few things you need to know about Swifto Dog Walking. For a start you need to be in New York City. If that's you then read on. The rest of you better twiddle your thumbs for a couple of minutes. Okay, the next criteria is liking dogs. If that's a tick too then we are in business. If you have a dog (or like to walk them) in NYC then you might find this pet app very useful. Swifto is a high repute organization that offers dog walkers for hire at just an hour's notice. Equally, if you like to walk a canine or two you can earn money by attaching yourself to the site.

Wherever you live in NYC, whether it is Park Slope, Williamsburg or anywhere else in the city, Swifto has you covered when it comes to dog walking. Their system is optimized for speed so you can get your dog walked at exactly the time you want - any time of the day or night and even if it's really  soon. They offer high quality, prescreened handlers available to your door within 60 minutes. All of Swifto's fully insured dog walkers have been prescreened and interviewed to ensure the highest quality of dog-walkers in town so you can be comforted knowing that they have you completely covered insurance wise. Payment for walkies is completely internet-based so you'll never have to worry about having money on you for...