Developer description

How great would it feel if you never had to send another scheduling email or spend time comparing calendars just to find a suitable time to meet? Whether it’s about a business or just trying to arrange a dinner with friends —  SwipeToMeet makes finding suitable time with everyone as easy as swiping a match on Tinder.
SwipeToMeet is a free mobile scheduling application that simplifies scheduling. The service intuitively combines an easy-to-grasp Tinder-like mobile interface with smart scheduling related background processes to complete the same job that Doodle does but with a lot less effort from both organizer and the participant. Scheduling starts with the organizer setting up three basic rules that: time of the day, duration, and location. This allows the service to quickly form a framework that is used for suggesting possible meeting times.
As a mobile app SwipeToMeet can access to the devices calendar allowing it to block out times that are unavailable in the first place. After the setup SwipeToMeet does the entire scheduling math and gives time suggestions that are adjusted based on everyone’s known availability and the answers already provided by others. Participants are selected from phone's contact book and to guarantee a quick delivery and the best reach, the invites are sent via SMS from the service. Each invite contains an URL that leads to a personalized mobile site where the participants either accept or discard the given suggestions by swiping.
The mobile site works on most modern devices so no application installation is necessary for the participants.

Last updated 14 Feb 2015

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