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Published 16 Jun 2017

The one comment that I hear more often than any other when discussing social media sites with friends is that they are fed up with the volume of irrelevant content being posted - especially on Facebook. Whether it's the relentless advertising, the constant Trump overload, the neverending selfies or the plethora of self-indulgent status updates, they can all just be a distraction from the things that you are truly looking for. And, if that thing is cool videos then you won't have to look too much further than this one.

Swish Video is a new app for iOS and Android that delivers brilliant short form videos that are designed purely for your entertainment - and nothing else. It aims to put the world's best videos at your fingertips and allows you to discover great personalized video entertainment based on your mood and interest. In fact, the developers' mission is to create the most amazing, interesting and entertaining video library ever assembled.

Once you've signed up you'll be asked to select three of your favorite categories from the database. These include cute animals, mind-blowing action, hilarious comedy, videos to explore your creative side, the exploration of places the world over, fashion trends, delicious food, fabulous music, ultra exciting sporting events, eye opening talent and your favorite tv and film shows as well as the curiously named wisdom category - but I'll let you discover that one by yourselves. You'll be able to see, save and share some...