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Published 16 Jun 2017

[cont'd] of the best videos on the net and view them in full screen landscape mode.

Upload your own favorite videos from YouTube and share your amazing video discoveries with family and friends. Rate the videos that you watch and the app's excellent algorithms will find even more brilliant videos for you based on your likes. You can personalize your Swish by uploading your own profile photo onto your profile page where you'll also see your star status based on the amount of ratings, shares, invites, uploads and critiques that you've amassed. The higher your star status flies, the more Swish superpowers you'll be given.

Swish was developed by three guys who were increasingly bored by their social media news feeds and wanted to create a fabulous library of cool videos for the world. Rather than having to wade through hundreds of dull videos to find what you are looking for, this app only delivers the best - all approved for amazingness by Mr Swish himself. Right now, the app is in beta mode and it is improving all the time but you can sign up now to be in on the best of the future fun. The expected worldwide release date for the app is August 14th when you will be able to download for iPhone, iPad and Android.