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Published 27 Aug 2017

A few months ago, Feed My App ran a review for a new designated social network video app for Android and iOS called Swish Video. The developers claimed that the app was designed for disgruntled video fans who were sick of the clutter that was filling up their social media accounts when all they really wanted to see were the coolest short form videos on the planet. At the time, the app was still in beta mode and we stated that Swish would be an ever-changing entity. Well, the next version is out now and it looks even more impressive.

This time around, Mr Swish has taken the original concept of only featuring the coolest of videos to a new level by concentrating purely on the best Virtual Reality and 360 videos from all over the world. For some reason, up until now there hasn't been a dedicated app of this type on the market so the Swish people have taken on that mantle. What they've done is to seize on a market that continues to get bigger and bigger in the world of video and encourages users to upload and watch their favorite VR and 360 videos and to create the largest collection of its type available. 

So, for the uninitiated, what are VR and 360 videos? Wikipedia describes VR video technology as one that can be created and viewed using virtual reality headsets, sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-projected environments, to generate realistic...