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Scientific content becomes universally accessible
EqsQuest Introduces SymboLab - the First
Semantic Search Engine for Math & Science

The solution to any math or science problem, even the most complex, is at the click of our fingertips

Have you ever wished your search engine could help with a complex math question? Have you ever tried to search for the meaning of a sophisticated scientific equation that appears to have been written in a foreign language (Is that Greek?)?. now you have the answer, thanks to SymboLab - the new friendly science search engine from EqsQuest. SymboLab helps people see “scientific language” in a fresh and friendly new light, so it's not only for science freaks…

The Internet search engines are the gateway to knowledge on anything and everything. SymboLab is the Internet's particular gateway to math and science. Unlike traditional search engines, SymboLab is the first semantic search engine specifically designed for math & science. The algorithm enables users to search for scientific content using free text or scientific symbols and notations and tries to understand the meaning of the search.

“Our goal is to make scientific knowledge easily accessible”, says Michal Avny, CEO of EqsQuest. “Our search engine facilitates engagement in math and science by overcoming the scientific language barrier, and will make a huge impact on how people experience s math and science and interact with scientific content. In general, there is something about math and science that tends to intimidate many people. In the age of advanced communication, this to us is simply unacceptable. We took on the challenge, and are therefore hoping to engage and interest the general public in math and science.”

EqsQuest's patent-pending technology, based on a two year long research, makes searching for scientific content as simple as seeking text. The algorithm goes beyond finding visual text similarities by performing contextual scientific analysis. Today's search for scientific information is based on keyword search, with a heuristic approach; there is no support for scientific notations, and there is an emphasis on computation rather than on search (there are quite a few sites that provide calculation and graphing capabilities, but no application solves the search problem ).

For example, consider the basic linear equation - y=bx+a. If it is searched on a standard search engine, one might find, sometimes as the first result, a combination of the same letters, but in a slightly different order. Not very helpful . In fact, in math, this tiny change could make all the difference (e.g. y=bx-a). You can’t just mix and match symbols and hope for the best.

SymboLab is designed to solve just that.

SymboLab's algorithm is capable of understanding mathematical expressions and equations, since it is a contextual search engine that is fully aware of the meaning of each scientific symbol, also taking into account the order in which the equation is provided to it. In addition, it also offers a built-in scientific pad containing signs and symbols that are not part of the standard keyboard. For example, in order to type the Δ sign, you are required to type a combination of four different keys, while SymboLab implements a single click approach.

Using SymboLab, which is free online, allows you to get instant results from websites, forums, courses, academic papers and more. These unique capabilities are part of what makes SymboLab a must-have tool for any user engaged in math or science in any way and at any level.. Whether you're a student, teacher, parent , researcher, or physicist, SymboLab should be included in your toolbox.

Symbolab will be launched in the United States and in Europe in September. The Israeli-based startup has already raised ½ million USD in its first year of activity.

The company was founded by Michal Avny, CEO, former head of AOL Relegence, Adam Arnon, chief scientist, and Lev alyshayev, CTO. On the advisory board is Professor Erez Etzion from the Physics department at Tel Aviv University , member and advisor of the Search & Discovery board of CERN

EqsQuest will soon also launch a “scholar” version (currently in closed beta) that allows users to search for scientific terms and equations within academics papers. Symbolab Scholar will allow users to search for scientific terms or equations in the largest and most extensive online scientific database.

There's no doubt that a free scientific search engine can make science much more accessible and fun among those of us who are not as well versed in science. But this, however, EqaQuest's SymboLab is expected to change theway research is currently conducted. It is a huge advancement over what is currently available. The progress offered by EsqQuest is expected to have a huge beneficial impact on education, science and information, as they are currently experienced.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015