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Synaptor is changing the way SMEs in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people and ... More

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Published 20 Feb 2012

It's reasonably easy for large companies to keep their health, safety and environment conditions under control. They can afford to just go out and hire a team to oversee it. But what can the concerned small or medium size business do to put their own house in order? It's not like they can afford to splash out on an environmental and health and safety team and it's going to be hard to get your overworked small team to take it on  alongside their regular work. Synaptor Observations could well fill that void. It's a complete environmental and health application for iPhone, iPad and Android that offers safety observations, maps and training modules so that you get it right.
Synaptor is changing the way small to medium enterprises in hazardous industries ensure the safety of their people as well as their environment with innovative mobile and web apps. The Synaptor suite of applications consists of iPhone and Android applications which are totally free,  a website and a set of paid web modules. You will receive live observations and data entered by your team in the field as well as maps and training management with everything available at a glance via the customizable dashboard. Each component has a web module and complementary mobile application. So how does it work? Well first up, Synaptor simplifies making safety observations in the field and the step by step  process makes it easy for anyone to use it correctly. Observations include photos and location of hazards and you can see a list of observations made by your colleagues. All observations automatically sync to your online database when in network range. The training mode teaches the fundamentals of hazard management and allows you to facilitate training to a group in the field or learn on your own with everything stored in the cloud for convenience. You can also view and print course certificates and records as well as receiving notifications when certificates are due to run out.
Synaptor Observations is a very simple to use but useful set of tools that enable the user to monitor environmental and health and safety issues without having to dedicate a bunch of staff members to oversee it. It enables you to fulfill your environmental responsibilities without massive expense. Not only does Synaptor deliver tools for analyzing and collaborating on the fly with excellent map making facilities but it also provides a training facility for passing on knowledge or learning more oneself.

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