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Published 14 Oct 2011

If you think your business is missing out on much needed revenue because of poor project time tracking you could issue your team with a stopwatch and a clipboard. Either that or have a look at what Syncd could do to improve things.

At a cost of $5 per user per month you could have the stopwatch running online for each project recording exactly who’s doing what and how many hours they’re spending on it. What’s more you can also record any other associated expenses and present a truly accurate bill to your client.

Client set up allows you to assign billing levels per client and user and whether or not you choose to have the timer running as you work is up to you. When using it the time is automatically logged as a report as soon as the timer is switched off. Notes can also be added providing more detail and back-up for the completed task. The reports can then be accessed at billing time. If you prefer you can of course enter time on a daily or weekly basis.

Expense recording is also a painless process and the system will remember details of previously entered vendors saving you the time and effort of re-entering contact details.  Simply enter the expense and assign it to a client project.

The app is also accessible with iPhone or iPod Touch so accurate tracking is never out of reach. A nice touch too is that if you’re running a registered...