Developer description

SyncRelease is a complete release management and deployment web application for Subversion, allowing web development firms, startups, website owners to streamline the process of code release and deployment.

SyncRelease was born out of a real-world need. Back in 2010, when we are developing a social network project called, we have a need for an easy and systematic way for managing software releases and automatic deployment. However, in the market there is no easy-to-use release management and deployment tool.

That led us to write our own software for release management. And that's how SyncRelease was born after we used and tested it in our real-world projects and making it better and better over the years from our own experiences. And finally turning it into a customizable and complete release management and deployment software product so that it can be used by many other companies that are also in similar needs.

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015