Developer description

TabHere allows coffee shops and bars to offer 20% rewards to regulars who start pre-paid tabs. No phones, apps, or cards to carry, all you need is your name and a photo at the register.

Imagine walking up to the counter, ordering a cup of coffe, and then saying, "Put it on my tab." Oh and then imagine getting every fifth cup of coffee free just for being a regular patron. Thats what TabHere is, the ultimate old fashioned personal customer experience at the places where you go most often.

TabHere does not require a phone, app, or physical gift card. It uses your name and a photo you upload from home to identify you at the merchant's register. This approach improves user experience and opens up the customer spectrum for rewards.

The 20% reward is a combination of "punch card" and credit card fee reduction, costing the merchant nothing. TabHere pays for itself.

Unlike other rewards programs, TabHere can bring new customers through the door by requiring all regulars ( most loyal customers ) to gift a small part of their tabs to new customers. Regulars enjoy gifting their rewards.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015